about us

The RmB Club is a community of successful and charismatic people.
Mostly successful medium-sized businesses that enjoy life, organize events and parties together, spend their holidays together and exchange and help each other for business and pleasure. Of course you can get to know RMB and find the partner for life.
Not only entrepreneurs and high earners are welcome on our platform, but also doers with very good business contacts and relationships as well as all others who also want to belong to us.
Professional and Escourt are not welcome on our site!


Why RMB?
RMB offers:
1. Participation in exclusive parties
2. The opportunity to organize even parties and to find the right guests
3. New friends and business partners
4. The right travel partner
5. The right partner for life
6. A classifieds portal
7. Guaranteed real members
8. No unwanted messages
9. Photo gallery


Short description of function:

1. RMB events and private events
Take part in our exclusive events.
If you are basically interested in a party, but still have questions, then please click on the participation button. So you are not automatically a participant in the party, we will then contact you and discuss everything else.

2. Organize an event / party
You have a villa / boat / yacht or any other location or idea suitable for an event and you are missing the party guests? You would like to organize a meet and greet or a trip? Then you can add your party to the events here. Party guests sign up for the party or you invite via the „invite“ function your desired guests. You decide yourself, who finally comes to your party and determine the costs for the party / event yourself. Simply go to „Events“ and click „Add Event“, now you can add texts and pictures and set the party / event.

3. Find friends and business partners
On RMB and at our exclusive events, you can make lots of new contacts. To find other members, you can look at their pictures and events. In our advanced search you can also sort members by industries and companies. RMBs help other RMBs!

4. Find travel partners
You are traveling and looking for the right company or would like to be invited to a trip? Then you will also find members who are interested in traveling through the advanced search.

5. Find the partner for life
People with a variety of characters and lifestyles are registered on RMB. Everyone can find the right partner here. In our advanced search you can search directly for other members who are interested in a solid partnership.

6. Finding out how you affect others
Beauties are rated by all members. There are two different reviews. The big blue number is the rating of the tested Rich. The small number in brackets behind it is the overall rating of all members. So you can find out how to act on real riches. The big blue number is crucial for your ranking. Beauties with the best rating are displayed at the top.
Ratings from 50% are great, because that means that you are sympathetic to every second and / or like him.
70% and more are very good!
Do not worry about a few negative reviews. Sympathy and appearance are also a matter of taste.

To rate beauties go to „Beautyvoting“ and either thumbs up or thumbs down.

To rate a Rich, you can click the „Report User“ button and submit your rating.

7. Ad Market
You want to sell your vintage car, or your house? Or you are looking for a new assistant? No problem, here you can switch your classified ad.
If you want to run an ad to search or offer something, just click on „Add new ad“. Now you can upload pictures and text and create the ad.

8. No fakes
Through our authenticity check you have the certainty that behind our audited profiles guaranteed to hide attractive women and successful men. We even know most of our members personally or at least have had contact with them by phone.

9. Serious letters
You will not receive any unwanted messages, because you can tell anyone who is writing to you for the first time with our alert function which type of messages you would like to receive. Go to your settings / settings and enter your note. If someone does not follow your wishes, you can report it as spam.

10. Photo gallery:
Take a look at all the new pictures collected in our photo gallery. Here you can rate or comment on pictures and sort the view by the most rated, mostly annotated as well as your own pictures.